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Where to Find Tenants for Your Bellevue Rental Property

Today we are talking about finding tenants for your rental property. The majority of prospective tenants are using the Internet as their primary tool in finding a rental property. That means you need to have your property listed on all the popular websites. These sites allow a potential renter to search for a home based on their specific needs when it comes to price, size and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Working with a professional property management company will give you access to a large number of websites, many of which cannot be accessed by individual owners.

While online advertising is important, signage is also an important tool in attracting renters to your property. Professional signage is essential; you don’t want a sign that looks cheap and doesn’t include all the pertinent information. A good sign should be installed in a location that’s easy to see and it should direct the tenant to a website and provide a phone number to call. This will allow you to answer any questions or schedule a showing.

For Rent sign in front of new home. Dramatic Blue Sky and cloudsMany property management companies have their own websites that showcase any available properties and provide information. It helps to have a site where tenants can schedule appointments and submit applications. At Brink Property Management (, we provide extensive information on each property and we list all the criteria tenants will have to meet to be approved for a property. We also provide a “Notify Me” feature which allows a tenant to submit their rental parameters, and then the system generates an email to the prospect when a property is available and meets their needs.

We also recommend you advertise on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (MLS), because that will bring your rental property to the attention of any licensed Realtors who are members of the MLS. It will increase the visibility of your property considerably. You’ll also reach Realtors who may have clients who would not be looking for a rental ordinarily but might have recently sold a home or are relocating from out of the area and need somewhere to live.

Finding a large pool of tenants for your rental property will help you choose a qualified and responsible renter. If you need any help or have any questions, please contact us at Brink Property Management.


Posted by: brinkpm on December 30, 2014