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How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Bellevue, WA?

How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Bellevue, WA?

Your rental properties are your investment. Yet, you can't see them every day. Instead, you see them only when you rent them out.

You can also see them when performing rental property inspections.

A rental property inspection reveals the apartment's condition. As a landlord, you have the right to do this for specific reasons.

So, how often should you perform inspections? Continue reading to find out.

When Tenants Move In

If you look at a rental property inspection timeline, you'll see that it includes each time a tenant moves into a property. Walking through a rental with a tenant when moving in provides protection.

You and the tenant can record the unit's condition at this time. You can record it on a move-in inspection checklist. Then, when the tenant moves out, you'll have a record of the condition of the unit when they moved into it.

When Tenants Move Out

A rental property inspection checklist also indicates to inspect units when tenants move out. This timing serves several roles.

First, it helps you determine the damage the tenant caused. According to landlord-tenant laws, you can charge the tenant for some of the damages. The damages must go beyond normal wear and tear.

Secondly, you can create a list of work the unit needs. Whenever someone moves out, you will have work to complete to prepare it for rent again.

Finally, inspecting units upon move-out helps you keep up with the updates units need. After someone moves out, it's the perfect time to make the necessary improvements.

Annually or Semi-Annually

Inspecting units annually or semi-annually is also vital for several reasons. You can use property management software to track the maintenance. In fact, this is one benefit of offering an online portal.

You can use the portal to notify your tenants about upcoming inspections.

Inspecting units annually or semi-annually is helpful for safety reasons. You can address any safety issues you find after conducting the inspections.

It's also vital for determining a unit's overall condition. You'll see how well the tenant is caring for their rental unit.

When You Receive Complaints

You also have the legal responsibility to address tenant complaints in a timely manner. Rental property inspection laws require inspecting units when tenants complain.

For example, a tenant might complain about odors coming from a nearby unit. These odors might be from a pet or something else. Allowing pets offers pros and cons, but odors are a common complaint.

You must also inspect units for complaints about broken things, such as plumbing parts.

Perform Rental Property Inspections Routinely

Rental property inspections are helpful. They reveal a property's condition and help you keep up with safety issues. They also help you keep up with proper repairs and maintenance.

Unfortunately, inspections take time. Therefore, you should consider hiring a property manager to handle them.

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