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Collecting Rent For Your Investment

We make sure you get paid on time, every time

Ensuring timely rent payments is crucial for any rental property owner. However, in case of any delays or non-payment, it's essential to have an experienced team on your side who can handle the situation effectively.

Brink Property Management has a system in place for collecting rent and dealing with late payments. We provide tenants with a late rent notice if they go beyond the lease's grace period and collect appropriate late fees and rent. In case of non-payment, we'll assist in the eviction process and re-renting the property quickly.

To make it easier for tenants to pay rent, we offer an online tenant portal that can be accessed 24/7. We encourage tenants to pay online, which not only makes the process more convenient for them but also ensures faster payment disbursement to you as the property owner.

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Our Data-Driven Leasing System drives more traffic and converts prospects to tenants faster, reducing vacancy and increasing cash flow. We control your expenses by utilizing our in-house maintenance team to deliver rental property-focused solutions. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for our Bellevue property management services ensures you’re happy and your investment is more profitable.

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