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Why Owners of Bellevue Vacation Homes Should Go With a Professional Property Manager?

Why Owners of Bellevue Vacation Homes Should Go With a Professional Property Manager?

Owning a vacation rental property is anything but a vacation. It's like being in an ocean where you have to ride waves of daily tasks that come at unpredictable times.

Making the property for rent by owner may seem like the best solution. You don't have to relinquish control to anyone and cause a wipeout that could hurt your business.

Read on to learn why you should let go and use a professional property manager instead.

More Bookings

A for rent by owner site is one way to increase exposure, but a professional property manager gives you much more.

They'll create targeted property marketing strategies to reach your intended audience. They make attractive, professional listings for social media and local listing sites.

This will do for your property what a trailer does for a film. It generates interest and gives you more bookings.

More is not always better, though. A property manager can perform a background check to prevent you from getting dangerous or delinquent guests.

Better Guest Experience

Marketing may be what gets them in the door, but a positive guest experience is what keeps them coming back.

It starts from the beginning with the check-in process and then involves responding to all their needs. A property manager can handle it all.

A positive guest experience can lead to better reviews and higher ratings. 88% of customers trust them over advertising. Over half won't buy from a business with less than 4 stars.

Better Property Maintenance

The condition of a property can make or break a guest's decision to stay. 70% of Americans in a survey from 2022 cited it as an important factor in their travel decisions.

Property maintenance is about more than keeping the property clean. It also involves maintaining lights, utilities, and other necessary features.

Property managers have a team of housekeepers and repair professionals. You'll no longer have to worry about maintaining the property, which is especially important if you don't live close to it.

More Rent

There are many ways a property manager can help you earn more rental income from your vacation home.

They know how to maintain the best possible rental rate at all times. This means keeping it within reason for your area and for the current season. This helps you attract and keep guests.

A property manager can also help you set up professional software and digital rent control methods. They make paying and collecting rent as easy as possible.

Legal Support

Every state has restrictions on vacation rentals. They may limit the number allowed in a specific zone, restrict the number of days you can rent it out to each guest, or prohibit them entirely.

These regulations also change regularly. Working with property management gives you a team of legal experts who will keep track of them so you don't have to and won't face legal penalties.

Where Can I Find the Best Alternative to For Rent By Owner?

A property manager is a better alternative to having for-rent-by-owner vacation properties. You'll get more bookings, happier guests, easier maintenance, more rent, and legal support.

Brink Property Management has over 27 years of experience serving the Greater Seattle Area. We offer 24/7, year-round services. Contact us to see how we can maintain and enhance the value of your investment today.