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Prepare your property

Here at Brink Property Management, we know what it takes to attract and keep high quality tenants. This starts with preparing your property for marketing and tenancy which is crucial to ensuring a successful landlord-tenant relationship.

As a property owner, one of your largest expenses will be vacancy loss. Having a well-maintained, presentable home will significantly reduce your vacancy period as well as attract the high quality tenants that will continue to maintain that level of excellence. We can typically inspect the home, create a punch list, execute the punch list, and begin advertising in under 2 weeks!




Did you know that an estimated 75% of renters search for their new homes online? We are seeing this value increase every year.

Our advertising platform allows us to quickly post advertisements on over 50 different listing sites including NWMLS, Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and all of the other major sources where potential tenants search for homes – for FREE! We also heavily market our website, creating a high volume of traffic where prospects can view your home and schedule an appointment 24/7/365.

We offer additional advertising services such as lawn signs, virtual tours, and other tools to ensure your home is getting the action it deserves.

View our Available Properties for examples.



Show the property

A typical property manager is charged with taking care of every aspect of your property. This leaves their schedules restricted and available appointments limited. At Brink, your property manager will always be monitoring activity and keeping you updated while our full-time dedicated leasing team is available 7 days a week to show your property. Additionally, prospects are able to book appointments online 24/7/365 for a date and time that works for them. This ensures we never miss a potential renter and reduces your vacancy loss!



Application and screening

Brink Property Management maintains the highest standards for our potential tenants. Over the past 20 years, our robust criteria has been carefully refined to accept only the highest quality applicants. Our approach helps to reduce the risk of ending up with an irresponsible tenant while remaining fair and unbiased. Through the use our 3rd party screening company and our robust screening criteria, we are sure to protect you as the landlord from any claims against discrimination and to ensure every area of the applicant’s history is checked. This includes employment verification, background checks, credit checks, and rental history.



Sign the lease

A lease agreement is the single most important document to help protect yourself as a landlord. Our lease agreement has been carefully drafted by landlord-tenant attorneys to help ensure a solid foundation and backbone to navigate any scenario during tenancy. It has been developed through 20 years of real world experience and is continually updated to react to ever-changing legal requirements.



Moving in

Our move in process has been designed over two main principals. The first principal is detail. While some property managers simply let the tenants conduct their move in checklist, our property managers will always do a thorough and detailed inspection of our own prior to move in. This includes taking photos of every floor and wall to ensure clear documentation that will later be used for move out and security deposit accountability.

Our second principal is flexibility. We understand that each tenant has a unique scenario with leases expiring at different times, work restrictions, scheduling movers, etc. We also understand that vacancy is the biggest loss incurred by the landlord. As such, we require each lease agreement to start within 30 days of the completion of signing the lease. Within those parameters, the tenant is able to select the date and time that works best for them. This ensures we don’t lose any qualified applicant due to inflexibility.



Handling emergencies

Brink Property Management handles emergency calls 24/7/365. Our process includes taking the call, troubleshooting, ensuring we have the proper vendor network to handle our calls at all hours, and following up to make sure the job has been taken care of.

We also screen calls to determine true emergencies so we do not waste your valuable resources on minor issues. For instance, if someone calls in the middle of the night to note their microwave is not working, we will not send out a vendor until the next business day. However, if someone notes that there is a leak or other emergency that can cause damage, or is a health risk to the tenant if unattended to, we will first guide the tenant to stop any additional damage from occurring (i.e. cutting off the water supply) then immediately dispatch the appropriate vendor(s).




Washington is a tenant friendly state with rapidly changing laws. Brink Property Management strongly believes in proactive and continuing education. Brink and its managers regularly attend industry seminars and consult with legal professionals to ensure we are experts with each piece of Federal, State, and local legislature.

Our team is experienced and will help you limit your liability exposure to ensure the long-term success of your rental investment.



Brink Property Management’s philosophy is to have regular and frequent property inspections. We want to stay ahead of any issues before they occur and correct them promptly if they have occurred. As an included part of our service, your property managers will inspect your property at least every 6 months. This will include a full and detailed report, inside and out. They will take photos of each room, each side of the exterior, and each potential issue. You will have access to each inspection via your Owner’s Portal and can always refer back to them.

By frequently inspecting your property, coupled with a robust lease agreement and expert legal knowledge, Brink Property Management is well equipped to proactively ensure your investment is in good hands.